IATA restores require Covid-19 testing to stem air traffic collapse

Airlines are now burning through cash at the rate of $300,000 a minute and the prospect of “catastrophic task losses is very genuine” without continued financial support till the industry can get back on its feet, Rafael Schvartzman, the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Regional Vice President for Europe, informed the Portugal Air Top today.

He told delegates: “Quarantine of any length will continue the economic destruction of Covid-19. Checking should replace, not reduce, quarantine. And testing costs must be borne by federal governments, in line with the WHO’s International Health Laws. Swift and constant action from European federal governments is necessary if the year-end travel season is to be conserved in any type.

His remarks echo the IATA’s assertion that it is “necessary that federal governments in Europe and worldwide embrace a harmonised and coordinated approach to securely re-open borders without quarantine by using Covid-19 screening”.

“The aviation market has set out a clear vision of systematic pre-departure testing to offer federal governments the self-confidence to re-open borders. But the European Union’s Council Suggestion stops working to set clear conditions for the use of screening to replace quarantine,” it stated in a statement.

And it again worried that border constraints, especially quarantine measures, have led to passenger need plunging; they are anticipated to be down at least 70% compared to 2019 for travel to/from/within Europe. IATA predicts just 340 million travellers throughout Europe will fly in 2020 compared to the approximate 1.2 billion that flew in 2015.

This collapse in air traffic has had a disastrous effect internationally on aviation and the millions of employees in the market. Research study from the Air Transport Action Group approximates some 4.8 million jobs directly gotten in touch with air transport are at risk. Lots of millions more in the travel and tourism market are also threatened. It is important that federal governments work together to collaborate a strategy to restart the industry. In the meantime, extra financial support is needed to help the industry make it through the winter.

The IATA this week likewise launched new travel projections for both the Middle East and Africa. It projects that full year passenger numbers to/from/within both regions are now anticipated to be simply 30% of 2019 levels– down from the 45% forecast in July.

IATA likewise launched results of a tourist survey suggesting prevalent support for testing to change quarantine:

  • 83% will not fly if they have to quarantine on arrival
  • But 88% say that they want to be checked to assist in travel
  • 65% agree that quarantine is not essential if an individual tests unfavorable for Covid-19
  • Some 39% mentioned that the federal government needs to spend for testing while just 25% thought it needs to be the duty of tourists.

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