ETC Research: 54% of Europeans Plan to Travel Within EU in Next 6 Months

About 54 per cent of Europeans plan to take a trip within Europe during the next six months, according to a study carried out in 10 European nations by the European Travel Commission (ETC) and supported by the European Union.

The research study has actually been carried out in European countries, which are known for their high-volume of source markets, such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Poland Austria and Belgium, reports.

“54 percent of participants mean to travel in the next 6 months, while 26 percent state that they prepare to take a trip by November 2020. Travel within Europe is a leading option with 41 percent meaning to travel within their own country and 39 per cent to other European locations. Just 11 per cent think about a journey outside Europe in the 6 months”, the study reads.

According to ETC’s research study, participants agreed that Europe needs an immediate harmonized technique in order to revive the tourism sector.

The research study also found that European citizens aspire to travel again, but are concerned over the increasing variety of Coronavirus infections, which could press them to put their trips on hold.

Countries such as Spain, France and Italy continue to be among favourite destinations of European residents, regardless of being among the most affected ones by the pandemic.

Among the most appealing types of leisure, for people who prepare to resume travel in a short time are

  • Sun & beach holidays (25 per cent)
  • City breaks (19 percent)
  • Nature/outdoors trips (16 per cent)

For people who prepare to have a short-term journey, vital elements are flexible cancellation policies (11 percent), together with social distancing in flights and transportation (9 per cent) and completely raised travel limitations (9 per cent).

According to the ETC report, the main concerns for individuals preparing to have short-time travel are quarantine rules (15 per cent), the increasing numbers of the Coronavirus infections (12 per cent), and the possibility of ending up being ill at the destination (11 per cent).

Previously this month, the European Tourist Convention’s president, Luis Araujo stressed that the European Union should act not in a collaborated method to conserve the incomes of millions of individuals who depend upon the tourist market.

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